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UO Comics

Hi there!
UO Comics is home to the science fiction comic world created by me, comic artist and illustrator, Deon de Lange (www.deondelange.com).

UO Comics stands for "Unknown Origins Comics", after the imprint's flagship comic book, Unknown Origins (which is still in the early stages of production).
I created the world and characters of Unknown Origins many moons ago as a passion project, and at last, I am fortunate enough to be able to tell my stories in the form of comic books.


UO Comics Titles


Gofu is UO Comics's first comic book to be self-published by Deon de Lange. Parts 1 and 2 of the six part mini-series are available at comic shops throughout South Africa, as well as from the UO Comics Shop.


Tomica and the Nexus Apparatus is a webcomic set in the Unknown Origins universe, written by David Covas Louranco and drawn by Deon de Lange. Tomica is available to read here.

Unknown Origins

Unknown Origins is a science fiction comic, currently in development by UO Comics.